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Meet the Mover - E12 - Armand Guillemoteau

⚫🔵🟠 In this last episode of Meet the Mover shot at the FIDI Global Alliance Conference, Armand Guillemoteau from JVK International Movers kills it on the dancefloor :)

#MeettheMover is a refreshing series of interviews recorded during the #FIDIconference2022 in Cannes. Meet some of the movers of our industry as they reply to serious and not so serious questions.

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Ep.01 : Alexander Prohaska from Spedition Fuchs - Fuchs Relocations

Ep.02 : Abhilash Nair 🎗 from ISS Relocations

Ep.03 : Katherin Crispoca Buitrago from Intramar Shipping S.A.S

Ep.04 : Christiaan Van Der Ent from Van der Ent Group

Ep.05 : Stephanie Quere from Cadogan Tate Fine Art

Ep.06 : Vishal Agarwal from Interem

Ep.07 : Nik Stucki from Welti-Furrer AG

Ep.08 : Jorge Gomes and Luis Duarte from Global International Relocation

Ep.09 : Bertil Durieux from FEDEMAC

Ep.10 : Attika Flament from Bailly déménagement

Ep.11 : Camilla Letizia and Roberta Longhi from Global Moving srl

Coming up next, Meet the Sustainable Mover:

Ep.13 : Philippe Mirault from Grospiron International

Ep.14 : Magali Horbert from FIDI Global Alliance


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