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We all had the same idea

Founded in Paris by industry veterans, easygroupage's mission is to fight skyrocketing sea rates and make shipping sea moves affordable. By aggregating movers shipments throughout accross borders, we allow the industry to offer an affordable option to their small volumes clients and reduce everyone's carbon emissions along the way.

Every day, tens of moving companies ship ocean moves to the same destinations. These shipments, when sent independently generate high costs for our industry and the planet.

In a context where the average size of an ocean move reduces year after year, easygroupage offers a smart and effective way to adjust to new customers expectations.



We are neutral and independent

Easygroupage is a completely neutral platform. We operate as a trusted shipping company, privately owned by its founders and not related nor affiliated to any moving company or group of moving companies in any way.


By registering on easygroupage, you can access requests for quotations or bids for international shipping of personal effects and vehicles. Our mission as a shipping company is to make the shipping household goods safe and reliable by vetting all its participants.

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easygroupage is good for the Planet.

Environmental sustainability is the first motivation of easygroupage. It is our “why”, our DNA, the main reason we created the platform in the first place ! Learn more about the benefits of sea groupages in our sustainability page.

Raphaël Baptista

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